Thursday, September 20, 2018

Cops Going Wild To Preserve Oligarchy?

Update 01/25/2019: Florida Department of Corrections indicated their priorities once again when they hired Zephen Xaver to train as a prison guard despite the fact that he had previously dreamed of going on a mass killing spree in high school, and dropped out of basic training in the army. This could have been exposed with a background check although I haven't seen reports to indicate whether this was done or not.

In addition to the police going on mass murdering sprees listed below and in previous articles there have also been several incidents where police academy, or in this case prison guard trainees that dropped out went on to become mass murders, including Michael Kenneth McLendon who dropped out of the police academy in Alabama before eventually going on a mass shootings spree, and just last month Laconia NH police recruit Noah Beaulieu was arrested for threatening to go on a mass shooting spree, and Eric Harris, who was raised in an authoritarian military family was rejected by the marines shortly before he went on his shootings spree at Columbine High School.

Zephen Xaver: Suspected Sebring bank shooter was a former prison guard trainee 01/24/2019 The Army also told I-Team Investigator Kylie McGivern exclusively that Zephen Xaver, 21, participated in basic training with the U.S. Army for a few months in 2016, but was separated before completing training, therefore, he was not awarded a military occupational specialty. ..... Florida Department of Corrections records show that Xaver was hired as a trainee prison guard at Avon Park Correctional Institution on Nov. 2 and resigned Jan. 9. No disciplinary issues were reported. Public records and neighbors said Xaver had arrived in Sebring last fall with his mother, living in a non-descript pre-fabricated home about 4 miles (6.5 kilometers) from the bank. No one answered the door Wednesday night after police finished searching the home. Public records and neighbors say he and his mother moved to Sebring in the fall from Plymouth, Indiana, a town south of Notre Dame University.

Update 02/08/2019: Another mass shooter went on a rampage a few weeks ago, which didn't get nearly as much attention, by a veteran who also wanted to be a police officer shooting four killing three of them before committing suicide. And in September and again in December two more Sheriff's Deputy's also killed family members before committing suicide; and these weren't reported widely by the media either. Not only does this raise additional questions about how often police go on shootings sprees but it also raise questions about whether or not they're being adequately reported or researched so they can find out the cause and how to prevent it.

In the last couple of days there was national reports about high rates of suicides among Chicago police that also indicated that there was a study of police nation wide showing that one-hundred-sixty-one of them committed suicide last year and another one-hundred-sixty the year before. Clearly they've been keeping track of this for a long time; however most of the details aren't normally reported to the public. A few years ago Fox Lake police officer Joe Gliniewicz allegedly committed suicide; however, as I reported previously there was one notable arrest made in that case which should raise doubts about the legitimacy of this claim. Another former Chicago officer was arrested for intimidating the coroner into coming to this conclusion; after he was arrested and charged they came to that conclusion, without mentioning him. Gliniewicz was implicated in epidemic levels of fraud or other serious crimes, which he almost certainly couldn't have gotten away with for so long.

I have no additional reason to assume that any of these other officer suicide might actually be murders to cover up corruption, but since their rate is sixty percent higher than the national average, I can't rule out that a small number of them might be to cover up additional police corruption.

However, even though more research is always helpful, they already have enough to learn that early child abuse and military hazing and indoctrination is a major contributing cause, or they should know this; yet, the media refuses to report on it and the politicians refuse to base policies on it. The reasons for this, as reported below clearly seems to be they're more concerned about controlling the public for the benefit of elites that control the economy and government, than they are about protecting the public.

Man who killed 3, himself in State College wanted to be a cop, relatives say 01/31/2019

Mass shooting in State College was one of 27 in January. That’s frightening: Nancy Eshelman 02/01/2019 Jordan Witmer grew up in Bellefonte, served three years in the military and recently returned home. He was licensed to carry a gun and told people he wanted to be a police officer. Shot four killing three then committed suicide.

Florida sheriff's deputy, Terry Strawn who was hired as school security kills 3 family members and himself in Plant City Fla. Dec. 19th 12/21/2018

Wife sent text messages to friend before she was allegedly killed by her husband, Kirk Keithley a Hillsborough County Fla. SO deputy then committed suicide 09/24/2018

Alarming number of officer suicides prompts outreach in Chicago 02/07/2019 Nationwide, at least 161 police officers reportedly took their own lives last year and 160 the year before, outpacing the number who died in the line of duty. Five and possibly six in Chicago have died since July. Experts on the subject say stress creates problems at home, relationship issues and worse.

Chicago Ill. police Sgt. Lori Rice found dead in apparent suicide 02/03/2019

Cop who witnessed apparent suicide of fellow officer, Lori Rice, ‘devastated,’ official says 02/06/2019

Chicago's cluster of police suicides raises alarms: 'The heroes need saving, too' 01/04/2019 A Department of Justice report in 2017 said Chicago's officer suicide rate was 60 percent higher than the national law enforcement average.

Police investigating murder-suicide in Punta Gorda Belize by police officer Steven Ferguson 11/22/2018

Scripted media coverage of Joe Gliniewicz's "suicide" is incomplete at best

Chicago Ill. police officer dies by suicide on NW Side New Years Day 01/02/2019

The Latest: Police: Xaver had dreams of hurting students 01/2/2019 A northern Indiana police department has released a 2014 incident report in which Florida bank shooting suspect Zephen Xaver, then 16, said he had dreams of hurting other students in a classroom. ... Police also released log entries of further incidents involving Xaver, including one in March 2017 in which Michigan State Police advised that a girl was receiving messages from Xaver that he was “possibly thinking of suicide by cop and taking hostages.” .... ex-girlfriend of the suspect Alex Gerlach said she tried to warn people about Zephen Xaver’s potential for harm. ... “he got kicked out of school for having a dream that he killed everybody in his class, and he’s been threatening this for so long.”

Sebring bank shooting suspect arrested wearing T-shirt with symbols of death 01/24/2019

Recruit, Noah Beaulieu, 24 and Army veteran Allegedly Threatened Mass Shooting At NH Police Academy Graduation 12/13/2018

Michael Kenneth McLendon, 28, failed to complete basic training at the state police academy before killing ten people in the Geneva County Alabama massacre.

Columbine shooter rejected by Marines because of anti-depressant drug, sources say 04/29/1999

Texas's two recent high profile murders by police officers isn't nearly as rare as the law enforcement would have us believe. There's substantial evidence to indicate that their hiring and training practices are a contributing factor, and that they may be more concerned with teaching police officers to blindly obey orders and to defend each other regardless of the circumstances, than to protect the majority of the public.

This doesn't mean, of course, that all police officers are corrupt or violent predators, however far more of them than most of us would believe are, and an even larger number are willing to look the other way; and the few that speak out, are often fired for doing so as many corrupt officers often get jobs in law enforcement elsewhere. Some of the cities that have the worst police often also have the worst crime problems as well; in many cases the cities that need the best often get the worst, since the best can get jobs where it's less dangerous.

When considering this, it might mean that even though the violent police are the ones being blamed first, the politicians that ignore the root causes of violence in many abandoned inner cities may actually be more at fault, since they fail to solve social problems before they escalate. A major part of the reason for this is also because they also want to hire police that suppress protests, as well from citizens that are pointing this out, so they can cater to the best interests of their campaign donors, often putting themselves above the law.

Caren Turner, the former Port Authority commissioner, demonstrated what she expected from police officers last Spring when she told cops "You may shut the f--- up!" after they pulled over a car where her daughter was a passenger, and interrupted her social plans. she was also an "ethics" aide for the Clinton's and had ties to Chris Christie who gave her the job she had at the time. she was never charged with anything, and the only reason that she lost her job is because the video went viral as a result of an internal investigation. Amazingly she admitted no wrong doing, and there's a good chance she can repair her reputation and get back into politics, while the vast majority of people in the working class or educated people that truly want to correct problems like this can never get appointed to a job like this, nor can they get the media coverage they need to become viable. This coverage is reserved for members of the ruling class or those they know will support their interests.

This is one of many demonstrations that police are not expected to enforce the laws equally, as I pointed out previously in Illusion Of Justice For Sale and Patrick Kennedy provided another incredibly obvious examples in the following excerpt from his book, where he describes how he almost hit a cruiser and did hit a security barrier:

"A Common Struggle" by Written by: Patrick J. Kennedy

Then I barreled straight toward the security station for the House of Representatives. I swerved into oncoming traffic, nearly hitting a US Capitol Police vehicle, which somehow dodged me and then made a quick U-turn to chase me. I slowed down but didn’t stop until my car slammed into the security barrier.


After making sure I wasn’t hurt, the Capitol Police quietly took me home and moved my car into the congressional parking lot. But word spread and someone from the media had noticed the banged-up car in the lot. Prologue

According to For Capitol Police, a Narrow Mission and Limited Tools 05/06/2006 Richard A. Baker, the Senate historian, said, "I can't see them keeping the members in line, It would be inappropriate," clearly indicating that they're not even trying to fix the problem. Like the incident with Turner, and many others including a lot of well connected people that got away with vehicular homicide, DWI, hit and run, and pedophilia, with little or no punishment which the vast majority of the public could obviously never get away with.

Brett Kavanaugh is an extreme example of this which is increasingly beginning to seem like an insane satire that can't possibly be true. He was implicated in perjury several times during his confirmation hearings for both the DC Court and the Supreme Court, about his knowledge of torture, stolen files and other incidents, before the current sexual assault charges came up, but they were quickly spun and suppressed, as they pushed his nomination on. They're not even doing a good job pretending they want to know the truth about the current scandal about the attempted rape accusations. And they treat it as if he's entitled to this job and that he should be given the same "innocent until proven guilty" assumption that defendants in criminal trials are supposed to get; however this isn't a criminal trial and the same standard doesn't apply to most working class people.

Virtually all political appointees, or candidates for higher office that are able to get campaign contributions from corporations and coverage from the media, including Brett Kavanaugh, are either from wealthy families, often with previous political history, in his case his mother was a judge, or they have the support of those who are from wealthy families. Which essentially means the political process is rigged and they act as if they're entitled to their jobs once chosen by other members of the ruling class, yet the vast majority of us are never even considered for these jobs. Donald Trump acts as if he's shocked that he's being treated so unfairly, yet he's never concerned about the women that have been sexually assaulted, except perhaps if it suits his political agenda. The same goes for both Parties which are full of politicians that use sexual assault as an issue when it's the other side being accused, yet defend the accused when it's there side. Hillary Clinton is one of the most obvious examples from the Democratic Party actively trying to smear some of her husbands accusers, and hiring David Brock who smeared Anita Hill. Nor are politicians concerned about the people that live in polluted areas that will get even worse if Kavanagh and Gorsuch continue ruling in favor of corporations or people who will be deprived of health care if they push their views on that or many other issues.

When police in many cities are trained to look the other way from crimes committed by the elites, while strictly enforcing laws, often even petty laws that don't do nearly as much damage as massive amounts of pollution, for the rest of us that is almost certainly a major reason for attitudes like Amber Guyger's as demonstrated in her Pinterest Account, which is similar to many other police officers, including the following memes she retweeted:

Amber Guyger also posted memes about "Sometimes there's justice sometimes there's just us" saying that if she has to explain it we wouldn't understand it, but her activity indicates that she might not be the one that understands it with memes like this. she also reposted a meme about a funeral for a police officer who died in the line of duty, saying that when "police riot they do it with class," indicating that she values there ceremonies glorifying police, not that there's much wrong with that, unless perhaps she demonstrates an attitude where it's the police against the civilian world, which she seems to do. Many police officers including her and perhaps Frank Borelli who I wrote about "Editor's Blog: To The Protesters & Haters" and Police have a hard time understanding why people are upset when police kill so many people often even the innocent, which she now seems to have done.

As I said before the most important problem probably isn't the police, it's the politicians that refuse to address the contributing causes of escalating violence, like increased child abuse, or abandoned inner cities without educational or job opportunities; however police are often outraged when Colin Kaepernick protest police shootings without offering to do anything about it. Police are also often expected to suppress protests about wars based on lies, shipping jobs overseas, union busting, environmental destruction, and many other things when the politicians that demand blind obedience from them and expect them to look the other way when elites commit crimes. I don't like police getting shot anymore than they do but some of these protests are trying to address the root causes of escalating violence.

Instead of hiring and training police or veterans to defend the country, when necessary and hiring teachers or social workers to minimize violence before it escalates, the political establishment is constantly pushing an ideology that is more concerned with controlling both the police and the public and their training of veterans and police is part of that including Juan David Ortiz who spent eight years in the military before spending almost ten years as a Border Patrol officer, working his way up to becoming a Supervisor. His entire adult life was working for the government going through boot camp training, presumably teaching him to blindly obey orders, twice.

He was also in what they call "intelligence" which is actually their propaganda term for espionage, presumably because he was a apparently Hispanic and might have been able to fit in with the immigrant community. Many Hispanics might not be willing to do this job, especially if they were reasonably well informed about our immigration policy which is designed to treat immigrants like second class citizens, and enable corporation to use them for cheap labor forcing other workers to compete with them to suppress wages. These immigrants are for the most part far less violent then the majority of the country. The majority Hispanic communities along the border are almost all below average when it comes to murder rates with many of them less than half the national rate; one of the few exceptions is Laredo Texas, which is only moderately above the national rate, but it turns out one of the most violent people in that city was a cop.

As I've pointed out in previous articles, this violence often begins at an early age with child abuse often used to teach blind obedience and escalates later in life, sometimes including bullying and hazing in military or police boot camps. David Couper, former police chief of Madison Wisconsin, has also expressed concerns about hazing and bullying in the police academy and how it teaches cadets to treat citizens the way they're abused in the academy, as he explains in the following article:

Hazing and Bullying in the Police Academy 12/16/2013

Last week I read an article in the New York Times Magazine about police training in Atlanta. It reminded me of my days in the Marines – not my 33 years in the police.

I spent a decade on active and reserve duty as a U.S. Marine. I was an enlisted man and went through a tough 12-week boot camp in San Diego in the late 1950s.. The things I were asked to do and bear made sense given my chosen occupation: I was to be a fighting man — to seek out, engage, and destroy an enemy

When I left the Marines and set off to become a police officer, I thankfully was trained as a police officer and not a soldier. That made sense to me as I quickly understood that there was a big difference between the two.

“As I was setting up my classroom at their training academy, I looked out the window and observed a formation of their new police recruits. I decided to go outside and get a closer look. The recruits were standing in three ranks—it was an inspection, a situation I could easily relate to from my days as a Marine.

“Suddenly, the training instructors started yelling at the new officers. Some were ordered to do push-ups by way of the familiar military command: ‘Drop and give me ten.’ In addition, I heard the instructors calling the young officers ‘assholes.’ I returned to the classroom in time to greet the chief and his command staff. I introduced myself and the curriculum for the next three days, then asked, ‘Are your officers permitted to call citizens names?’ They seem shocked, ‘We have rules against doing that. Why do you ask?’

“’Well,’ I replied, ‘I was watching your new officers outside this window and observed your trainers calling them very derogatory names. You know, it really doesn’t matter if you have rules against such conduct because when their teachers call them names, they will think that it’s okay for them to do the same to citizens. And if you ever try to discipline them, their defense will simply be, ‘That’s what the department taught me.’”

“I recently learned that the department never did change. Their academy remains stress-based, military, and intimidating. I don’t know if their training officers ever stopped calling recruit officers names. But one thing I do know, is that if they don’t stop, I predict they will continue to have problems with officers disrespecting citizens. How could they expect any different kind of an outcome?…

“Half of our nation’s police academies train in an atmosphere police trainers themselves identify as stress-based; that is, intimidating, even bullying. This makes half of American police academies more like military boot camps or correctional facilities than places in which college-educated young men and women are prepared to be professional police practitioners… Complete article

This type of hazing escalates authoritarian education from earlier life, especially if the students are subject to abuse that they may not know of, which is often the case. It teaches cadets to blindly obey orders and that those in power should be allowed to treat those without political power in demeaning manners. This intimidation is also used to teach cadets to go along with the program and reinforces the blue wall of silence giving cadets the impression that defending authority is more important than defending the public, and often may teach them an us against them attitude that many police officers have including Amber Guyger, and perhaps, Juan David Ortiz.

David Couper seems to think that hazing should be an acceptable part of training in the military, I'm not sure I agree especially since we're constantly fighting one war after another based on lies and as I explained in previous articles including Philip Zimbardo, Lucifer Effect, Stanford Prison Experiment and Eli Roth’s Milgram/Obedience experiment much more extensive than most people realize this hazing and bullying teaches escalating violence as well as blind obedience, and that the government has been studying how to do just that. Stanley Milgram claimed that he did his research so he could understand why the Nazi's blindly obeyed orders, and it could help to understand this, but this research was supported by the Office of Naval Research, which simply isn't in the business of teaching their cadets to question orders. The standard Propaganda justification is often "We follow orders or People die," as Jack Nicholson says in "A Few Good Men," however here in the real world those orders are often based on lies, so there should be little doubt that Howard Zinn was far closer to the truth when he said:

Juan David Ortiz, Joseph James DeAngelo, and Manuel Pardo all went through boot camp training at least twice, it would take further research to confirm whether or not they were also abused earlier in life, however Dorothy Otnow Lewis and James Garbarino along with other researchers into the subject have both found that almost all, if not all mass murderers, have been subject to more than the usual amount of abuse as a child before they became mass murderers, and sometimes when they're taught to blindly obey orders using abusive methods their emotional problems are often mistaken for positive qualities that the military and the police want, including their willingness to blindly accept what ever orders they're given, even if they're often based on lies.

Eulalio “Leo” Tordil, another police officer I previously reviewed in Media Downplaying Two Police Killing Sprees Ignoring Solutions, also went through boot camp training twice and demonstrated that it became a way of life for hims as he "subjected his stepdaughters to 'intense-military-like discipline — push ups, detention in dark closet' and used violence against his wife," before eventually killing them. Amber Guyger, and numerous other veterans or police officers that have been implicated in murder have also demonstrated that this type of military hazing was often incorporated into their social lives, dealing with friends or family who didn't always appreciated it, and it often turned into escalating abuse like David Couper warned against.

Fortunately there are some police officers, in addition to David Couper, that are trying to reform the system; David Brown former police Chief of Dallas, the same city Guyger worked for, was in the process of implementing reforms when he left shortly after the shootings of five Dallas police officers by another veteran that was outraged by police shootings of black people in 2016. He accurately pointed out that a major part of the problem was that the political establishment was putting to much responsibilities on police officers.

The clear implication should have been that we need to hire more social workers teachers and mental health professionals to deal with problems before these problems escalate to the point where police have to be called in. It should also be obvious that we also need more economic opportunities instead of shipping jobs overseas, to suppress wages and make rich people richer, and that when training people to kill, in wars based on lies, to solve their problems than abandoning them as they return to cities where there are no economic opportunities and they realize that the police aren't there to protect everyone equally and are often helping to suppress legitimate protests or reforms that it might be a contributing cause to this violence. I don't mean to justify the shooting by Micah Xavier Johnson, however there should be little or no doubt that his military training combined with oppressive police practices against minorities is a major contributing factor, and ignoring this for emotional reasons won't help solve the problem.

After pointing out that we needed more teachers and social workers, in a addition to police reform David Brown welcomed the Black Lives Matter protesters and encouraged them to consider community policing as part of his reform. It probably shouldn't have been the most important part of the reform, but he was head of the police department, not the school department so it would be helpful; but unfortunately the same police union that is currently helping to try to downplay Amber Guyger's murder charges and implicate the victim in drug charges, even though he previously had a clear record, is resisting this reform. Obama's speech in Dallas indicated that he also thought that we needed to do more to improve educational and mental health solutions, but he didn't follow up with anything, nor did any other politician and they resumed their efforts to privatize the education system and cut social programs while escalating corporate welfare and corruption.

If they keep marginalizing the best reformers that actually push for solutions that work, it's inevitable that more people will come to the conclusion that the police aren't here to "protect and serve" everyone equally, and although the vast majority of them won't go to extremes, once in a while someone else like Micah Xavier Johnson or Gavin Eugene Long will strike out again.

When the people the government trains to defend us often kill each other or us, maybe they're doing something wrong.

I went into many more police killings in A Brief History of Cops Convicted of Murder and the following are some additional more recent articles including additional sources about the police killing mentioned in this article:

Fort Worth area police agree with Dallas chief: Their plates are too full 07/17/2016

Border Patrol Supervisor Arrested In Texas, Held In 'Serial Killing Spree' 09/11/2018

A woman’s daring escape from a Border Patrol agent helped reveal a ‘serial killer,’ police say 09/17/2018 Juan David Ortiz, accused in the killing of at least four sex workers in Laredo, Tex., where he is a supervisor with the Border Patrol. Webb County-Zapata County District Attorney Isidro Alaniz said he believed Ortiz acted alone in the murders while off duty. He is a 10-year veteran of the agency and worked in intelligence, authorities said. He is being held on $2.5 million bond.

The Border Patrol Serial Killer Is Part of a Long, Troubled History 09/19/2018 Ronald Anthony Burgos-Aviles, now a former Border Patrol agent, was charged with two counts of capital murder in June 2018.

Incendiary News Killers in brown-shirt uniforms: How the U.S. Border Patrol brutalizes the masses 09/20/2018

After Arrest Of Suspected Golden State Killer, Details Of His Life Emerge 04/26/2018

Activist says ‘Amber Guyger deliberately went to Botham Jean’s apartment in anger’ after previous noise complaint 09/17/2018

Shaun King: BREAKING: Two different witnesses have said that they are 100% sure that they heard Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger repeatedly knock/bang on the door of #BothamJean - demanding that he open the door. 09/14/2018

2 Different Versions of Amber Guyger’s Story Appear on 2 Different Warrants Related to the Shooting of Botham Jean 09/14/2018

Check Out What Appears To Be Amber Guyger's Pinterest Account 09/14/2018

Dallas Chief Says She Can’t Fire Amber Guyger for Killing Botham Jean, But Dept Rules Imply Otherwise 09/20/2018

Execution scheduled for Manuel Pardo former Florida cop, Navy-man and Marine convicted of nine murders 12/10/2012 Date of Murder: January-April 1986

Manuel Pardo a former police officer and navy veteran killed 9 in Florida Date of Murder: January-April 1986

Gerard John Schaefer was a serial killer from Florida, USA. He was imprisoned in 1973 for murders (convicted of two but allegedly committed nine or more) he committed as a Florida policeman. Date of Murder: 1969 - 1973

At Trial, Officers Undermine Notion Jason Van Dyke Feared For His Life When Killed Laquan McDonald 09/19/2018 According to a recent study published in Granta magazine, one in three Americans who are killed by someone they don’t know are killed by police. Eight percent of male homicides in America are committed by police, according to a study in the American Journal of Public Health. One-third of Chicago’s city budget is devoted to funding its police force, and from 1986 to 2015, police shot one Chicagoan a week on average. The majority of victims of police shootings are black; the vast majority are people of color.

Off-duty CHP officer and wife dead in apparent murder-suicide near Jackson, sheriff says 09/04/2018

Conn. Officer charged with assaulting wife, holding family hostage 09/10/2018

Probe found Fla. police chief told officers to pin unsolved crimes on random black people: report 07/12/2018

Former HPD officer goes on trial in murder-for-hire case 04/24/2018

Tribal officer charged with using excessive force during arrest at casino 09/15/2018

Plainclothes NYPD Cops Are Involved in a Staggering Number of Killings 05/09/2018

Whistleblower Cop Wants to Come Back; Beleaguered Baltimore Police Reject Him 05/03/2018 Many police fired for serious crimes often get jobs elsewhere, but not those that expose crimes.

Lawyers for family of man fatally shot by cops during distress call want NYPD penalized over allegedly destroyed evidence 06/27/2017

NYPD cop who encouraged 2-year-old niece to use N-word in Instagram video gets suspended without pay 07/05/2017

John Avvento, Ex-NYPD cop who struggled with painkiller addiction after he was injured on the job dies from apparent overdose 06/29/2017 After retiring from the NYPD, he was convicted of helping a drug crew deliver cocaine in Brooklyn.

Conrad Lariviere a Mass. cop on Facebook mocks protesters hit by car in Virginia: 'Hahahaha love this' 08/14/2017

Patrick Gandara a Oklahoma police officer arrested on allegations of child sexual abuse 08/12/2017

NYPD cop commits suicide inside his Queens home 08/13/2017 Not including Sunday’s death, four active NYPD officers committed suicide this year, according to NYPD stats.

Baltimore Cops Carried Toy Guns to Plant on People They Shot, Trial Reveals 01/31/2018

Popular Texas blogger dubbed 'La Gordiloca' is ARRESTED on two felony counts for scooping police on a story about a public servant's suicide 12/26/2017

Brooklyn Federal Judge clears way for trial on whether NYPD has pattern-or-practice of perjury: … 10/17/2017

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Ex-NJ cop gets no jail 'slap on the wrist' for plot to burn down captain's house 09/29/2017 Christian Pedana, A former township police officer accused of scheming to set fire to his captain's house avoided prison Friday after agreeing to testify against an ex-cop convicted in a series of vengeful plots.

Inside the first database that tracks America’s criminal cops 09/12/2017

Former Hercules Ca. cop gets 28 years for drive-by shooting 10/08/2017 John Goodner a retired Hercules police officer who was convicted of attempting to murder his estranged wife was sentenced to 28 years in prison Friday.

SEE IT: Utah nurse arrested for refusing cop's order to draw blood from unconscious patient 09/01/2017

‘Thou Shalt Not K..’: BOOM!—Cop Kills Mentally Ill Man as He Recites Ten Commandments 08/19/2017

Kevin Alexander Ex-Alabama correctional officer who traveled to Florida for sex with teen had duffel bag full of loaded guns, ammunition 08/10/2017

Matthew Boynton a Griffin Ga. cop cleared in wife’s shooting charged with making false statements 07/28/2017

Baltimore cops, giving police everywhere a bad name 07/20/2017 A Baltimore police officer named Richard Pinheiro was caught by his own body camera planting — allegedly — illegal drugs at the scene of an arrest.

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An immigrant called 911 to report a crime. Police took him to ICE in handcuffs. 02/14/2018

Manchester police officer collapses minutes before expected guilty plea in hit-and-run 01/24/2018

Jeremy Russo a Border Patrol agent commits suicide after shooting at police 09/27/2016

2nd trooper suing Mass. State Police never shredded documents involving arrest of judge's daughter despite order, she says 11/12/2017

Western Wyoming police officer to be sentenced for 2-year-old boy's death 10/31/2017

Fla. Police deputy smashes patrol car through ex-wife's house while high on prescription drugs - and with her inside 10/25/2017

Vietnam veteran wins $760,000 in excessive force case against Kremmling Colorado police 10/11/2017

Former Madison policeman sentenced to 35 years in prison for sexually abusing children 10/11/2017

William Paul Taylor Ex-Idaho police officer jailed in Bend in parents' deaths 09/15/2017

Ohio Officer off the job after saying police should've 'choked the life out of' a suspect 09/13/2017 The officer's body camera recorded several questionable comments he had with another officer that included: "What did we tase him for? Why didn't we just choke the ******** life out of him?" "I'm a little aroused at this Davis (the suspect), just so you know," followed by him laughing. Choking an unruly suspect is "better than shooting them and going to (expletive) jail."

2 Dallas officers file whistleblower suit claiming retaliation for reporting misconduct Oct. 2015 A Dallas police officer thought he was doing the right thing by reporting a fellow officer who tried to fight a handcuffed youth and a supervisor who egged it on. But instead of being praised for coming forward, Officer Christopher Worden and his supervisor, Sgt. Jason Scoggins, believe they were punished, according to a whistleblower lawsuit they filed Oct.1 in Dallas County Civil District Court.

Ala. police officer jailed for arriving late, drunk to court 08/18/2017

Raymond Licon Jr., El Paso officer argued with wife on the phone as his baby drowned in overflowing bath, police say 07/16/2017

Video released by the Tulsa Police Department shows off duty Sergeant Dedlorn Sanders punch an on duty police officer that had responded to the area for a disturbance. 07/15/2017

former Atlanta-area police officer John Kiernan Fort Lauderdale hotel guest caught on camera punching out valet 07/1/2017

3 Liberty County officers indicted in Harris County 10/05/2012

Off-duty Kennesaw officer’s wife shoots him during domestic dispute 10/26/2017

Lt. Greg Abbott Ga. Officer to woman during traffic stop: 'We only kill black people, right?' 08/31/2017

NC Teens Charged With Deputy’s Murder After Sheriff Covered Up Girl’s Rape Claims 08/05/2017 Ridgeway had been in a dating relationship with Clifton beginning in June 2015, when she was 16 years old and he was a school resource officer at her high school, according to a no-contact order for stalking and sexual misconduct her family member filed in February 2016.

Police trainers have a duty to face, & address, the downsides of anger in police training 08/29/2017

Wasserman Schultz Threatened Police Chief For Gathering Evidence On Her IT Staffer’s Alleged Crimes [VIDEO] 05/24/2017

Who is Caren Turner and why did she become the focus of a viral dashcam video? 04/25/2018 While a Democrat who raised money for Hillary Clinton, Turner was appointed to the Port Authority last year by former Gov. Chris Christie, as part of a pair of appointments that included former GOP state Sen. Kevin O'Toole. Turner was the pick of Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-37), who was pushing for more women on the board. A. No. While the video shows her haranguing police over the traffic stop, dropping the names of elected officials she knew, and her position as a Port Authority commissioner who oversees 4,000 police officers, the Tenafly police did not charge her with obstruction. But the chief of police made a call to the Port Authority's Inspector General, which led to an internal investigation and ultimately her resignation.

Transit official's videotaped berating of police ends with her resignation 04/25/2018

Video shows Port Authority commissioner telling cops: 'You may shut the f--- up!' 04/24/2018

Ex-Clinton 'Ethics' Aide Resigns After Taped Tirade At Cops: "You May Shut The F**k Up!" 04/25/2018

Off-Duty Cop Tasing an 11-Year-Old Should Provoke a Clear Wakeup Call for Police Reform 09/14/2018

White Nationalist Who Worked for DHS Reportedly Attended White House Policy Sessions 08/31/2018

Political Conventions In The Era Of The National Security State 08/28/2012

Media Downplaying Two Police Killing Sprees Ignoring Solutions

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