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Is Feudalistic Media Only Covering Crooks and Thugs?

There are so many politicians involved in so much corruption or outright crime, including sexual assault, prostitution, epidemic levels of fraud, and even negligent mass murder that it's impossible for the vast majority of the public to keep track of it all. Now that Eric Schneiderman has been charged with assault and sexual harassment it seems as if even the politicians that are doing the most to defend victims of crime, including women are often also involved in it.

To top this off there are now conspiracy theories growing from the mainstream press to indicate that he might have been blackmailed, and that this might be part of a pattern of behavior, based partly on a tweet from Donald Trump and more thorough investigative reporting indicating that Michael Cohen and Roger Stone may have known about these accusations years ago, yet they chose to remain silent about it.

Harvey Weinstein has been exposed using Israeli espionage agents, which they routinely refer to as intelligence agents, as part of their propaganda to make espionage seem intelligent, to smear his accusers; and Trump routinely pays of and intimidates his accusers into signing non-disclosure agreements, including his ex-wives, who have been allegedly threatened, to keep them silent. This opens up the possibility that there's much more of this going on and that many of the elites know about it and negotiate behind closed doors to keep it quit. We have no way of knowing if they agree with each other to keep silent about accusations from both sides or help sabotage cases when they can't completely cover it up.

I have repeatedly said that I try to be a rational skeptic when it comes to conspiracy theories; however the official version of truth has routinely become as irrational as many conspiracy theories; and many of the better researched fringe conspiracy theories have proven to be at least partially true. Furthermore, conspiracy theories are now the norm, from the mainstream media, although they're often as irrational as some of the less rational fringe conspiracy theories they ridicule.

Most important of all there's an enormous amount of evidence that isn't even hidden to indicate that the mainstream media, which is primarily controlled by six oligarchies, plus a few additional outlets owned by billionaires, like the Washington Post, is rigging elections simply by refusing to cover grassroots candidates that get their support from the local level. Instead they only cover candidates that get an enormous amount of support from large corporations, including the ones that own the media, that rig the economic system.

On the rare occasions when there are major prosecutions against white collar criminals like Martin Shkreli or Bernie Madoff it's almost always because the victims turned out to be wealthy people, not because of the price gouging that was carried out by Shkreli or by Joe Manchin's daughter Heather Bresch, who was blatantly exposed in epidemic levels of price gouging, which is all legal thanks to a corrupt government that openly funds pharmaceutical research with tax payer money then hands patents over to pharmaceutical companies that donate an enormous amount of money to campaigns instead of paying for the research and gouge consumers for their drugs at epidemic levels.

I'm not a big fan of Schneiderman, Weiner or Spitzer, but, compared to the vast majority of the political establishment they've actually done more to speak out against Wall Street corruption, and Weiner was one of the most vocal advocates for Single Payer for a little while, at least when it cam to his rhetoric.

Unlike many of the politicians that routinely get caught in scandals as bad if not worse they were driven from office by their crimes, while many of the worst scam artists often stay in office or get replaced by corrupt politicians just as bad, and the prosecutions against large corporations eventually get settled for minor fines one time after another.

In ancient feudalistic societies it was rare for any feudal lords to start treating their workers well or allow them to have rights, but if they did and the other feudal lords thought they might teach the peasants to stick up for their rights in other territories they would unite to attack the benevolent feudal lord to teach him a lesson and keep the serfs in their place. Similar tactics were done in various slave societies as well, including efforts to restrict education or the ability of slaves to learn how to read.

Now we pretend to be a Democratic society; however the mass media is controlled by a fraction of one percent of the public, something that many of us were taught was exactly what the First Amendment was supposed to prevent. The media and political establishment would like us to believe that the reason that we have a long line of crooks getting elected is because that is what the people vote for, implying this is what the public wants.

Are we supposed to believe that the public would choose to elect candidates like convicted criminals like Greg Gianforte, Michael Grimm, Joe Arpaio, and Don Blankenship if they had no better options?

Unless media polls are completely fabricated there's far more support for some of these fanatical candidates in the areas where they serve; however I doubt if even in those cases if they could get elected if not for the lack of coverage of honest candidates giving them a chance to get their message across. Furthermore as I went into in past articles including Frank Luntz confesses to sabotaging democratic process for clients campaign advisers routinely study how to manipulate emotions and prejudices of voters, for the advantage of their clients including the candidates and the campaign contributors that fund them. Instead of trying to decrease prejudicial beliefs, they try to increase them, since it makes it easier for them to manipulate voters, which is why some of these candidates get some degree of support, although I wouldn't be surprised if the people taking the polls exaggerate them one way or another to advance their cause.

It's virtually guaranteed that they rig some of these polls, at least to some degree by only covering candidates that they support in the first place, and by asking leading questions designed to get certain types of answers, which is what they call push-polling.

They routinely decline to cover honest candidates, to deprive them of name recognition they need to get elected, and on the rare occasion where the grassroots start attracting attention anyway, they work with the political establishment to smear candidates from the grassroots to ensure they never get elected. Even when some candidates from the ruling class are disgraced so bad they have to resign the media often helps them repair their reputations like Anthony Weiner thought he could do when he ran an embarrassing campaign for Mayor; but sometimes their campaigns work much better like when Mark Sanford repaired his reputation with Christian conservatives, after an affair forced him to resign as Governor.

One of the things that the campaign advisers study how to manipulate are peoples religious beliefs, especially when people in the Bible Belt are taught to blindly believe what they're told from birth. This enables them to convince many people to vote against their own best interests by supporting one candidate after another that rigs the economic system for the benefit of the ruling class of multi-millionaires and billionaires.

This works much better if the vast majority of the public doesn't know about any honest candidates that are running for office. Most politicians aren't nearly as bad as Michael Grimm or Joe Arpaio, but they still support an incredibly corrupt economic system that ships jobs overseas, suppresses workers wages, fights one war after another based on lies and refuses to discuss ways to cut drug costs made artificially high thanks to patents, or Single Payer insurance.

Many people might get the impression that there are no honest candidates running for office at all but this isn't true.

There have actually been plenty of candidates running for office without being involved in epidemic levels of fraud, that are willing to discuss many of the issues, almost completely suppressed by mainstream media, including Jill Stein, who most people still haven't heard of, and many more candidates at the local level that aren't involved in epidemic levels of corruption. It's hard to imagine why anyone in West Virginia would even consider Don Blankenship, after his horrendous record in the coal industry and conviction for his part in the deaths of coal minors, yet the media portrayed hims as a major contender and if not for a massive effort to expose him he might have done better. But Joe Manchin is hardly any better, nor is it likely that the Republican that defeated Blankenship, but if more people were aware of Paula Swearengin, and her support for Single Payer there would have been a much better chance for to beat the incredibly corrupt Manchin.

Tim Canova and Stephen Jaffe have both also done an excellent job exposing the epidemic levels of fraud by Nancy Polosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but since the media refuses to cover them or attempts to smear them despite the fact that they aren't involved in epidemic levels of corruption they prevent many people from ever hearing about it or think they're the corrupt ones not establishment candidates supporting the oligarchy. Gayle Mclaughlin is one of the rare candidates that overcame this epidemic level of corruption to get elected at the local level in Richmond California; and she managed to stand up to corporations and help dramatically reduce their high murder rates, proving that abandoned inner cities can fix their problems, yet the mainstream media is trying to portray her as fringe because she challenges their corrupt agenda.

As long as we keep accepting the choices presented to us by the propaganda machine covering for white collar crime syndicates controlling the economic system, we'll never have a democracy; however a small number of the candidates have proven that they can beat the corrupt system, at least at the local level, which can be expanded nationally if people wake up and seek more reliable sources for their news!

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